We do accounting differently at Project Alfred

Your Project Alfred team will be with you at every step of the business journey, not just at tax time.

Our promises

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We’ll make decisions with you, not FOR you

At Project Alfred, we believe collaboration with our clients is the key to ongoing business success.

We don’t want you to just blindly sign documents and give over information without knowing why. We want to empower you with financial know-how so we can tackle those big business decisions together.

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We’ll always search for new ways to save you time and money

When our tech-driven team members aren’t working on your books, they’re finding new ways to boost efficiency in your business.

Our clients might have different goals and be on different business journeys, but they could all do with more time and headspace to think strategically.

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We’ll come to you with solutions, not problems

We relish in finding solutions to complex problems, and never limit ourselves to doing things the same old way.

We combine our extensive experience with practical knowledge (and loads of startup insights!) to deliver strategies that’ll benefit you in both the short and long term. We don’t do band aid fixes!

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We’ll always do the right thing

Project Alfred is a registered agent with the Tax Practitioners Board and a member of the Association of Chartered Accountants and Tax Institute.

Our integrity matters not only from an accounting perspective but from a moral standpoint, too. Everything we do is informed by an ethical approach to business, tax and financial services.

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You’ll never get a surprise bill from Project Alfred

Connecting with our clients is really important to us at Project Alfred, and we want to be the first people you think of when you need help – WITHOUT any worry that we’ll send you a huge bill for a quick call.

We’re transparent about your fee structure, and we’ll make sure your package delivers the services you *actually* need.

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Our technology

At Project Alfred, our team of tech-driven accountants is constantly evaluating our programs and processes in search of the best solutions for our clients. When you outsource accounting services to us, we’ll do a complete audit of your software and systems, and set you up with a suite of industry-leading solutions. And as your business evolves, we’ll make sure your tech package can support you as you grow.

Instead of staying up late with only your books for company, you’ll speed through our automated processes for everything from payroll to invoices, and enjoy way more time to think strategically about your business.

By harnessing the power of cloud-based systems, interconnected technology and sophisticated reporting software, we can organise financial information, analyse data, and deliver timely insights about your business.

We use the best data security platforms the industry has to offer to deliver complete security oversight. You’ll always have two levels of security to approve payments, and both Project Alfred and your team members need two-factor authentication to access any account or app.

Our business apps

At Project Alfred, we leverage loads of apps in the Xero ecosystem. Whether you’re starting up or scaling up, we’ll set you up with a custom app package to give you more time and better intel. We’re big fans of these four:

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You’re only as powerful as your data stream, and cloud-based accounting software puts you in the best position to track your cash flow. Xero’s been the industry leader since 2006, and for very good reason – you’ll always know who owes you money (and who you owe money to).


With Paytron, we can run payroll and supplier payments, upload invoices, and summarise them for clients to quickly approve payments. This platform’s a must for outsourced finance clients.


Dext is a slick digital bookkeeping service that allows you to capture and store all your purchase invoices, receipts, and bills before it sends them through to Xero.

Employment Hero

While Xero provides a basic payroll solution, Employment Hero provides a range of advanced options like time, attendance, award compliance, and rostering. Plus, it also offers a comprehensive employee portal you’ll need as your payroll grows.


Pinch is an online payment platform that makes it easier and quicker for your customers to pay your invoices via card, direct debit or bank transfer, giving you more freedom from the pitfalls of late payments.