The venture capital accountants you need to know

Our experienced team of venture capital accountants combine technical expertise with a grassroots understanding of startups. We get our kicks from saving investment managers loads of time and finding leaner finance functions for their portfolio companies.

Searching for an accountant you can trust?

If you need a team of venture capital accountants to boost the agility of your portfolio companies, we’re the extension of your team that you’ve been missing. 

Our co-founders have been exposed to a wide range of sectors in their 25 years’ combined industry experience – including getting their own startup off the ground. We can find leaner and more efficient finance functions for your portfolio companies, and help them plan for everything from startups to exits. 

Our tech-focused venture capital accountants are constantly hunting for new ways to bolster safety and streamline processes. We always give you complete security oversight.

We’re clear and concise with our communication and think data-first. We can quickly summarise complex financial matters and deliver reports in the format that your stakeholders will understand best.

When you outsource your finance function to us, we can support growth across borders. We have a thorough understanding of compliance complexities across Australia, and we can lean on our relationships with international firms to support overseas expansion and investment. 

Our process

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We want to learn everything about your structure and systems so we can figure out whether we’re a good match for you and your portfolio companies. We make it as simple as possible for you to share information with us. 

Onboarding and systems review

Once you give us access to your software and accounts, our team will dive in deep to understand your functionality, and find efficiencies along the way. We’ll create a cash flow forecast to help track your portfolio companies and guide your decision-making. Plus, we’ll get set up on invoice management software and step out your approval processes to optimise your workflow. 

Compliance checkup

As venture capital accountants, we know accuracy is everything – and we won’t move forward until your accounts are in pristine condition. We pride ourselves on squeaky-clean compliance. 

Reporting process

We collaboratively decide what reporting functions you need, and how frequently you need us to deliver data. We can even create a custom dashboard to complement your existing systems. 

Maintain oversight

We’ll make sure your numbers are in order, and we’ll deliver timely reports to give you a comprehensive overview of your position. As registered tax and ASIC agents, we’ll manage all compliance from payroll to tax lodgements.

How we're different

We're proactive

We keep our eyes on the market to give you timely updates that help your firm adapt to change. We’ll make sure you never miss a deadline – or an opportunity to save time and money.

We're collaborative

We listen to your goals and deliver venture capital accounting advice the way you want to hear it. We’ll set up the right systems for your business, and adapt to your working style.

We're transparent

We’re up front with our service fees, so you’ll never get a surprise bill. We’ll always be clear about what we need from you and why. See us as an extension of your team.  

Our security measures

As venture capital accountants, we take security seriously. We use the best data security platforms the industry has to offer to deliver complete security oversight while only having creator access to your systems and bank accounts. 

Our data security platforms control staff access to apps, software, and bank accounts, and we can instantly shut people out. Plus, our platforms are equipped with sophisticated geo-blocking to restrict access to accounts outside of designated regions. 

And when it comes to approvals, we prefer to do things in twos. You’ll always have two levels of security to approve payments, and both us and your team members need two-factor authentication to access any account or app.